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BEMA Bio Anti - Age Moisturizing Facial (75mins) BEMA Bio Anti - Age Moisturizing Facial (75mins)

Keep your radiance, youthfulness and skin flawless with our exclusive BEMA Facial Treatment infused with BEMA Toning Fluid Eye, Lip Contour Fluid and Moisturizing Cream using specially created effleurage methods by our Award – winning esthetician.

Facial Treatment comprises:
Deep Cleansing, Pore Cleansing, Tonic Lotion, Pressure Point Effleurage with Moisturizing Cream, Moisturizing Serum, Blue Defence Peel Mask and Bio Toning Fluid Eye and Lip Contour Fluid.

You will notice a reduction of puffy eyes, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores and comedones. Your newly hydrated skin becomes radiant, toned and supple.

Our Price: $168.00
BEMA Bio Blue Defence Facial (75mins) BEMA Bio Blue Defence Facial (75mins)

Blue light penetrates to the second layer of your skin, damaging it’s collagen leading to skin pigmentation. With the scientifically formulated Visiblue Screen Complex® Natural and Organic BEMA Blue Defence, your skin will be protected from these harmful effects.

Visiblue Screen Complex® comprises 3 properties: Protection, Antioxidant Action and UV and IR Rays Protection including Anti – Photoageing Action.

Protection: Verbascum petals are able to absorb potential harmful UV radiation and transform it into a new light source that increases skin brightness.

Antioxidant Action: Using the most powerful Antioxidants Lycopene and Xanthophyll boosted by Gamma-Oryzanol.

UV and IR Rays Protection Anti – Photoageing Action: Knotgrass preserves the elasticity and tonicity of the skin, maintains the dermal fibers and protects from infrared rays.

Facial Treatment comprises:
Protective and gentle cleansing and toning with Blue Defence Cleansing Milk Make-Up Remover followed by a facial steam and pore cleansing. Pressure point effleurage with multi – protection cream providing toning and soothing respite finishing with a gentle Peel Mask, multi – protection fluid and eye contour for a fresh, bright and youthful radiance.

Singapore’s first natural answer to Digital Ageing - Blue Ray Defence Facial Treatment

Our Price: $168.00
BEMA Bio White Brightening Facial (75mins) BEMA Bio White Brightening Facial (75mins)

All women desire perfect skin, however, this is hard to achieve with modern-day pollutive external environment and internal stress factors. Hyperpigmentation, acne, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles appear with time and age.

BEMA Bio White Lightening Facial tackles both external and internal factors in a single treatment. It’s main organic and naturally antioxidant ingredients include: Pomegranate Extract, Arbutin, Bearberry Extract, Hibiscus Extract and Betaine.

Facial Treatment comprises:
Gentle cleansing with skin compatible and emollient Lightening Cleansing Milk, Smoothing Lightening Face Scrub for sensitive skin, followed by facial steaming and pore cleansing. Lightening face cream is expertly applied with lymphatic effleurage treatment finishing with Lightening Face Mask and Lightening Serum.
An all naturally formulated treatment created to brighten and even skin tone.

Our Price: $168.00
BEMA Bio Double-Lifting Facial (75 Mins) BEMA Bio Double-Lifting Facial (75 Mins)

An effective and soothing facial for skin regeneration, toning and long-lasting lifting effect. Experience visibly lifted and smooth skin with BEMA’s carefully formulated Double Lifting Serum and Double Lifting Cream.

BEMA Research Laboratories’ Double Lifting Serum and Cream are made of natural and organic ingredients. These include Oat extracts for visible toning enriched with Cornflower and regenerating Soy IsoFlavones in combination with Green Tea antioxidants.

This holistic and customised facial begins with an up-lifting and gentle cleansing followed by facial steaming and pore cleansing using BEMA’s organic and nourishing skin care products. Double Lifting Cream is applied with lifting pressure point effleurage followed by the unique new Blue Defence Mask suitable even for most sensitive skin, to provide protection against UV and IR rays with anti-Photoageing Action. Double Lifting Serum for gentle powerful toning is applied with anti-photoageing Blue Defence Eye Contour emulsion finishing with a protective layer of organic BEMA Solar Tea Sunblock

Our Price: $168.00