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Refreshing Gel For Legs Refreshing Gel For Legs

This is the ideal product to relieve the lower limbs weariness, heaviness and swelling due to stressful situations such as unsuitable footwear, standing for long periods, constrictive positions. It contains FITOTHE3, a new natural active principle based on WHITE, GREEN and RED TEA for improving the vigor and elasticity of tired, thickened and particularly fragile skins. It gives immediate relief and makes your skin feel light and fresh.

Our Price: $35.00
Cream Against The Unaesthetism Of Cellulitis Cream Against The Unaesthetism Of Cellulitis

An extraordinary and specific treatment against dimpling skin. It is the ideal product to get very good results in the glutei, abdomen, hips, thighs and arms area. It contains BEMASLIM, a new natural active principle extracted under CO2 SUPERCRITICAL conditions without solvents from Bitter Orange and Coffee promoting the burning of fats and body reshaping. It leaves your skin soft and velvety.

Our Price: $49.00
Toning Cream Toning Cream

An effective product for the treatment of body and breast skin relaxation due to a sudden loss of weight or after pregnancy. Very good results are visible even after few applications thanks to its high content of active principles that give a greater tonicity and smoothness to the skin of your decolletè, breast and body.

Our Price: $49.00
Elasticizing Cream Elasticizing Cream

With Plantocomplex based on Gaultheria and Indian Pennywort

This product has been specifically formulated to help reduce stretch marks due to weight loss or increase during or after pregnancy. Thanks to the high content of active principles from BEMAGLUCANO and AMARANTHUS CAUDATUS, this cream is able to weaken and reduce visibly the already existing flaws since from its very first applications and to prevent the forming of new ones

Our Price: $49.00