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Lightening Face Scrub Lightening Face Scrub

All Skin Types

Smoothing Face Scrub for all skin types, even the most sensitive, with a depigmenting action thanks to the special lightening phyto-complex characterized by the Pomegranate extract and Betaine, powered by Arbutin and the Bearberry extract with a preventive action on the onset of dark spots of the skin.

Characterized by a double exfoliant action: mechanical given by Apricot pits and enzymatic from the mix of enzymes contained in Pineapple and Papaya and Gluconolactone which act in depth by stimulating natural cell regeneration, leaving the skin oxygenated and supple.
Gives the skin a naturally glowing complexion and is a key step to prepare the skin to receive the functional lightening principles of the BEMA WHITE treatment

Our Price: $46.00
Sale Price: $30.00
Savings: $16.00
Lightening Facial Toner Lightening Facial Toner

All Skin Types | Alcohol - Free

Alcohol-free tonic lotion, suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive because it contains organic extracts such as Mallow and Yarrow for soothing and anti-blushing action, enriched by the special phyto-lightening complex composed of the Pomegranate extract with a high content of ellagic acid, Betaine, and Gluconolactone, herbal extracts that help reduce discolouration and prevent the formation of dark spots.

The lotion is specific to finish the cleansing, eliminates the last remaining impurities, leaving your skin more luminous and soft to the touch.Thanks to its high concentration of lightening, soothing and moisturising functional ingredients, it becomes a fundamental lotion to prepare BEMA WHITE Alginates Mask.

Our Price: $40.00
Lightening Cleansing Milk For All Skin Types Lightening Cleansing Milk For All Skin Types

For All Skin Types

Fluid emulsion with lightening action, skin-compatible and emollient that contains a Special lightening phyto-complex characterized by the extract of Pomegranate and Betaine, boosted by Arbutin and Bearberry extract which play a preventive action on the onset of the dark spots.

The formulation is enriched with organic extracts of Mallow and Achillea with a soothing and emollient action that, combined with Gluconolactone, make the product suitable to the most delicate and easily reddening skin. Effective and gentle in removing makeup and impurities from the skin, cleansing it by affinity without impoverishing it, while preserving the hydrolipidic mantle and the natural pH of the skin.

Our Price: $44.00
Lightening Face Mask Lightening Face Mask

Lightening cosmetic treatment consisting of a special phyto - lightening complex, composed of natural plant extracts such as pomegranate, rich in ellagic acid, Betaine, Arbutin and Bearberry that help reduce skin blemishes and are ideal to prevent and regulate skin hyperpigmentation. The skin is hydrated and supple thanks to the Organic Avocado Oil and Organic Olive Oil. The result is a uniform and naturally bright complexion

Our Price: $70.00
Sale Price: $45.50
Savings: $24.50
Lightening Face Cream Lightening Face Cream

The cosmetic treatment specifically formulated for a targeted anti-stain and depigmenting action restores to the skin its pale and naturally luminous complexion.

Composed of a special phyto-lightening complex, consisting of natural plant extracts such as Pomegranate, rich in ellagic acid, Betaine, Arbutin and Bearberry that hinder the excessive production of melanin and prevent the onset of unsightly brown spots.

The formulation is completed by Hibiscus extract, Vigna Aconitifoglia and Pisum Sativum that hinder expression wrinkles by protecting the skin from external agents and oxidants.

It contains two natural sunscreens: Mica and Porfiria Umbilicalis, which protect the skin from harmful sunrays, the main cause of premature aging of the skin and uneven complexion.

Our Price: $90.00
Sale Price: $58.50
Savings: $31.50
Skin Lightening Emulsion Skin Lightening Emulsion

For Face and Body

Based on Pomegranate Extract, Arbutin and Bearberry Extract

An ideal emulsion to lighten dark spots on your face and body. Thanks to the phyto-lightening complex made from pomegranate extract, betaine and arbutin and bearberry extracts, it prevents excessive melanin production which is the main cause for dark spots.

Our Price: $60.00
Lightening Serum Lightening Serum

Specific cosmetic treatment to reduce skin discoloration thanks to the special phyto-lightening complex, which acts in a targeted and intense way of hyperpigmentation. The Pomegranate extract and Betaine have a lightening and depigmenting action; the Arbutin and Bearberry prevent the uneven production of melanin, the main cause of unsightly dark spots.

The formulation is enriched by natural extracts with an anti-aging and lifting action, like the Vigna Aconitifoglia, the Pisum Sativum, and Hibiscus that allow the skin to regain its natural brightness and compactness.

Our Price: $86.00

Contains 4 single-dose sachets of 20 grams. each

Alginates are natural products with highly restructuring and moisturising properties. They have a decongestant and soothing action on the skin. The Mask leaves skin the naturally illuminated, helps to convey in depth the active ingredients with a lightening action contained in the products of the BEMA WHITE treatment.

Our Price: $120.00