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Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Treatment (60 mins) Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Treatment (60 mins)

Intensive deep cleansing with the Dr.Hauschka natural skin care products clarifies and refines the skin for a radiant complexion.

Our Price: $138.00
Dr.Hauschka Special Treatment for Blemished, Inflamed Skin (60 mins) Dr.Hauschka Special Treatment for Blemished, Inflamed Skin (60 mins)

An intensive treatment with Dr.Hauschka skin care products specially designed for regulation of blemished, inflamed skin. Recommended at two-week intervals until the skin has returned to normal.

Our Price: $138.00
Dr.Hauschka Relaxation Treatment (90 mins) Dr.Hauschka Relaxation Treatment (90 mins)

A facial treatment without deep cleansing which lets you relax through and through from head to foot.

Our Price: $147.00
02 Facial (Oxygenating and Regenerating) (60 mins) 02 Facial (Oxygenating and Regenerating) (60 mins)

Nourish, cleanse, and rejuvenate your skin with BEMA Organic Skin Care
A glorious, holistic, hands-on treatment with deep oxygenating impulse to the tissues, giving an instant face lift and radiance that lasts for days.
Our O2 Facials provide skin renewal and rejuvenation sending much needed nutrients along with 95% oxygen are dispensed on the face to clear pollutants and toxins from the skin, improve cell function by encouraging collagen renewal and a firmer tone, aiming to increase smoothness while softening and decreasing wrinkles.
It also helps in soothing skin rashes and sensitive skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema, refine pores, reduce eye bags and dark eye circles and pigmentation.
Oxygen infusion supplies needed oxygen to skin thereby facilitating the healing and regenerating processes of the skin, revealing fresh oxygenated youthful skin.

Our Price: $180.00
Dr.Hauschka Revitalising Treatment (90 mins) Dr.Hauschka Revitalising Treatment (90 mins)

Sometimes your skin feels just as tired as you do. The Revitalising Treatment is a pick-me-up for tired skin. Especially recommended in phases of change such as at the turn of the seasons.

Our Price: $250.00
The Classic Dr.Hauschka Treatment (120 mins) The Classic Dr.Hauschka Treatment (120 mins)

This world-renowned holistic treatment begins with a relaxing Sage Foot Bath, followed by a feet and leg massage. The arms and shoulders are treated next, ending with a head and scalp massage. The face is then cleansed and nourished with Dr. Hauschka’s pure, biodynamic preparations, overflowing with natural anti-oxidants, designed for your specific skin condition. Skin analysis, herbal steam and mask prepare the skin for the total experience of our unique signature treatment of special lymph stimulation. Our Dr Hauschka aesthetician uses rhythmical sweeping brush strokes and gentle hand movements which gently stimulates the flow of the lymph, purifying and strengthening the immune system. A treatment mask and décolletage massage completes the experience.

Our Price: $280.00