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BioEcoCream Arnica BioEcoCream Arnica

It is useful in case of recent traumas, contusions, hematomas, sprains and sprained muscles.

Our Price: $29.00
BioEcoCream Marigold BioEcoCream Marigold

It is particularly advisable to protect and soften the skin and it can be applied even on the sensitive skins of children, in particular on the areas reddened by the contact with the nappy. It is ideal for grown-up people having dehydrated skins that get easily chapped. It is useful as an after-shave lotion.

Our Price: $29.00
BioEcoCream Horse Chestnut BioEcoCream Horse Chestnut

It acts as an adjuvant for the good circulation of the lower limbs and gives relief to tired legs. It is suitable to people who have to stand for a long time, for those who have a sedentary life or use tight shoes.

Our Price: $29.00

It is suitable to the mycosis treatment since it acts as an adjuvant. Thanks to its restoring properties it is useful in case of chaps due to a cold or caused by the wintertime and also for slow and difficult cicatrizations. Bioecocrema Propolis can be used as a hygienic treatment on pimples and acne.

Our Price: $29.00
BioEcoCream Aloe BioEcoCream Aloe

It is suitable to the treatment of sun-rushes, allergic eczemas and other skin affections as it acts as a skin adjuvant. It is particularly indicated to soften the itching due to insect or generally pricks (also on private parts). It is useful as an after-sun cream, also gives relief in case of sunburns caused by the excessive exposure to sunlight or by other heat sources.

Our Price: $29.00